Website Popularity

Ever since software has been available to create websites without the need to know computer coding, the number of websites on the internet continues to grow rapidly. Today all that is needed for someone to create their own website is a domain name, a development tool and a host; no computer knowledge or knowledge of computer coding. First you will need a name for your website, one that is not already being used and this is known as your domain name. Next you will need a website development tool like WordPress or Godaddy which encode your requests into a language that the computer will understand.

Lastly you will need a host and this is a server that is able to connect your website to the net, allowing it to be accessed by anyone online. Each of these three things will usually cost you some money but not much but if you want to save more, you can look for any promotions that may be available and you can learn more about those online. Just because you now have the ability to create a website does not mean that you will automatically get lots of visitors to your site as there are so many websites, you may not even get any. There is however more chance of your site getting visited if you are able to secure a good and catchy domain name. Obviously the name will want to have at least some relevance to what the site is about and making it catchy will make it easier for people to remember it for return visits.

Getting people to visit your site is just the first problem though, the next is convincing them to stay on the site long enough to get whatever message you want them to get. This means that your home page, which is the page that most visitors will be directed to, is interesting, attractive and compels people to read more before moving on. Most visitors will visit your website for one specific thing and so they should be able to easily find on your site whatever it is they are looking for which means, you will need a good site map on your home page. A site map lets people know what is on other pages on the site and provides direct links to those pages, affording any visitor easy access to what they are looking for. As most of the visitors that the popular sites get are return visitors, you will want to encourage any new visitor to return later and to do this you need to update your website regularly and of course have that catchy domain name so they won’t forget it. Although a basic host site fee will only afford your website to be placed on the internet, if you opt for one of the more expensive plans, the host site will also provide you with some SEO which will help encourage people to visit your website instead of another similar one.